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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Caught Stealing Home

Kevin Mench was caught stealing home last night. This was the eleventh time a native Delawarean has been caught stealing home since 1960. Meaningless, I know, but what the hey.

Mench, July 26, 2007 vs. Reds
Delino DeShields, July 28, 2002 vs. Cardinals
Chris Widger, May 10, 1999 vs. Diamondbacks
John Mabry, August 7, 1996 vs. Padres
Mabry, April 18, 1996 vs. Pirates
Mabry, June 29, 1995 vs. Cubs
DeShields, May 11, 1991 vs. Padres
Randy Bush, April 19, 1983 vs. Mariners
Dave May, August 25, 1972 (Game 1) vs. Red Sox
May, September 8, 1970 vs. Twins
May, August 22, 1969 vs. Athletics

By contrast, there have been only five successful steals of home by native Delawareans during that time. DeShields had one of them, Dave May the other four. That does make Delawareans a little more successful than your typical major leaguer. Since 1960, steals of home were successful about 27% of the time. Delawareans have a 31% success rate.


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