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Monday, July 31, 2006

OK, I lied

I'm not going to put the three most memorable trades involving Delawareans today. I'll do that on Wednesday. Kevin Mench homered in his second game as a Milwaukee Brewer. He becomes the seventh Delawarean to homer in more than one league joining Bert Cunningham, Delino DeShields, John Mabry, Dave May, Costen Shockley, and Chris Widger.

The home run totals by Delawareans in each league:

American Association:
Sadie McMahon 3
Bert Cunningham 2

American League:
Randy Bush 96
Dave May 81
Kevin Mench 80
John Mabry 24
Delino DeShields 19
Chris Widger 7
Ken Szotkiewicz 3
Costen Shockley 2
Pedro Swann 1
Happy Townsend 1

National League:
John Mabry 69
Delino DeShields 61
Chris Widger 48
Hans Lobert 32
Dave May 15
Bert Cunningham 7
Pete Cassidy 3
Bill Hawke 2
Cliff Brumbaugh 1
Kevin Mench 1
Costen Shockley 1
Augie Walsh 1
Chris Welsh 1


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