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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ian Snell, damn fine pitcher

Ian Snell threw his first complete game in the major leagues, defeating the Texas Rangers 8-1. In addition to it being Snell's first complete game, the game was notable in that it was the first time a native Delawarean had defeated the Texas Rangers.

As it stands, there are still three teams who have not lost to a pitcher born in the First State. The Devil Rays, Marlins and Royals have all managed to avoid a loss. Not too surprising given the lack of wins during the expansion era.

With Bert Cunningham and Sadie McMahon, Delawarean pitchers compiled almost half of their victories before 1900 (343 of 708). What follows is the distribution of wins by decade:

1900-09: 44
1910-19: 0
1920-29: 22
1930-39: 47
1940-49: 4
1950-59: 0
1960-69: 138
1970-79: 28
1980-89: 47
1990-99: 0
2000-07: 35

Delawareans won a grand total of 27 games from the time Ian Snell was born in 1981 until he was drafted in 2000. Despite only pitching one full season (and three partial) in the major leagues, Snell has won 21 games by himself. There's not much question that Snell is on his way to becoming one of the best pitchers to come from Delaware.


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