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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Batting order

After Kevin Mench's home run the other night out of the cleanup hole, I got to wondering about all native Delawareans and where they hit their home runs in the batting order. Below is the list from most frequent spot in the order to least, with the number and the leader at that spot:

6th: 123 (Mench 38)
3rd: 84 (Dave May 42)
7th: 79 (Chris Widger 22))
5th: 71 (Randy Bush 23)
2nd: 59 (Bush 19)
1st: 58 (Delino DeShields 40)
8th: 36 (Widger 12)
9th: 35 (Bert Cunningham 9)
4th: 17 (May 8)

Dave May is the only Delawarean to have hit a home run in every spot in the batting order. Mabry has never hit one batting fourth. Mench has never hit one batting third. Bush never had a home run from the eighth slot. Interestingly, Delawarean pitchers have hit seventeen home runs from the ninth position in the batting order, the same number as the rest have hit batting cleanup.


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