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Sunday, May 28, 2006


This past week John Mabry passed Randy Bush for fourth all-time among native Delawareans in games played. Mabry is the fifth Delawarean to play in 1200 major league games. So of the 48 native Delawareans to play major league baseball, 10.4% have played in 1200 games or more, the highest percentage of any state. Florida is the only other state to have ten percent of its players play in over 1200 games.

On top of that, Delaware is also the birthplace of Charlie Marshall, who played in 1000 minor league games, and Pedro Swann, who last week played in his 1600th career professional game.

In addition, Delaware has produced three pitchers to start 300 games. That is twelve percent of the pitchers from Delaware who have played in the major leagues. So while Delaware has not been home to a large number of baseball players, it has been for several players who have enjoyed lengthy careers.


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